About Us

Gulf Coast Motorcycles Est. 2002

In early 2001, owner Ed Gallo was enjoying retirement in SW Florida. However, he realized one major problem, there was no local dealer to service his BMW Motorcycles. Ed also noticed that all of the other BMW owners in the area had no dealer support either and many were faced with a 2 hour commute to the nearest dealership. After a few quick emails to BMW, Gulf Coast Motorcycles quickly began to materialize.

Less than 2 years later, in November 2002, Gulf Coast Motorcycles opened their doors as a full-service BMW Motorrad dealer. Joined by his son Jeff and a staff that largely remains the same today, Gulf Coast Motorcycles took SW Florida by storm. The "family" of Gulf Coast Motorcycles continued to grow as well when Ed's daughter, Jennifer, joined the team in 2005.

After just 1 year in operation, Gulf Coast Motorcycles was setting BMW sales records and achieving some of the best customer service results in the Nation. However, Ed and Jeff continued to watch industry trends and other brands for possible expansion. Closely watching their continued success in racing and product development, Ducati was added in late 2007. Gulf Coast Motorcycles is now the destination for the very best motorcycles in SW Florida.

Gulf Coast Motorcycles business philosophy is simple. We treat customers exactly how we like to be treated. This simple method for conducting business has allowed Gulf Coast Motorcycles to make friends and customers all across the United States. Continually growing and adapting to the industry, GCM is only going to get bigger and better!