Motorcycle Riding Tips

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Motorcycle Riding Tips

Both seasoned riders and newcomers can benefit from learning the basics of motorcycle riding. After all, your riding skills are a constant work in progress. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, there are plenty of helpful tips worth learning about, some of which we’ve gathered below. If you’re still in the market for a new motorcycle, be sure to stop by Gulf Coast Motorcycles. We’re conveniently located in Fort Myers, FL serving SW Florida.


It can be difficult to master proper braking at high speeds on a motorcycle, especially if you’re just starting to transition from driving a car. Keep in mind that motorcycles only have the two wheels and most of the stopping power is focused in the front. If you’ve just started riding, you’ll want to get in some practice before you brave the roads because proper braking can be a matter of life and death. You can begin practicing riding your bike at a fast speed on a straight, empty street and get a feel for the brakes. You’ll want to figure out how quickly and easily you can stop without applying the brakes so hard that they lock up on you, which is never fun.

Shifting Gears

The difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy ride can come down to your comfort level with the clutch and shifting gears. While the concept itself is simple to comprehend, riders who began driving by shifting gears manually on a car surely have stories of that learning curve. There’s no profound tip when it comes to shifting gears on your bike except for practice.

You should start out slow on quiet, empty roads or in vacant parking lots. Every bike is going to have a different sweet spot between each gear, so you need to take some time to get familiar with your model. Don’t forget to get a feel for upshifting in a way that provides consistent acceleration without any unwanted jerking motions. You should try to downshift smoothly, too. You’ll be using downshifting to gradually slow down. This means you’ll need to find the right place to decelerate from each gear. It might take some time to get used to it, but you’ll be in good shape with a bit of practice.

Steering & Cornering

Push steering will have its own unique learning curve. You can’t simply steer your handlebars into a turn, you need to lean into it. Cornering is one of the many components that makes a good rider. Practice in this area will definitely be worth your time. When it comes to steering, push your handlebars in your intended direction and keep applying pressure throughout the turn. This might feel natural, but holding the controls in a steady position throughout the whole turn can be challenging. If you really want to become proficient, you’ll need to learn how to look far ahead into the corner so you can anticipate the speed, line, and gear you'll need. When you judge your turn in advance, you’ll be prepared to corner with the precise amount of intensity.

Now that you’ve got the basics under your belt, it’s time to find the perfect motorcycle to hit the road with. Visit us at Gulf Coast Motorcycles today to start browsing our inventory! You’ll find our dealership located in Fort Myers, FL. We also proudly serve SW Florida.